Boys Program

Full Scholarships Available

We know how important it is for young male ballet dancers to feel supported in their pursuit of dance, which is often not fully understood by their peers. That is why we offer ballet classes specifically for boys, taught by highly qualified male faculty. While boys are welcome at all levels of the school, beginning at age 8 the boys' program provides supplemental all-boys classes. When the young men are physically ready, they begin to receive specialized training in men's ballet technique, pas de deux (partnering), and upper body conditioning.


Boys Ballet

Ages 8-14

A ballet class just for boys, taught by male faculty. These classes work on the technical elements specific to the male dancer, such as multiple pirouettes and doubles tours, as well as building core strength. The all-male class setting helps build confidence and a sense of camaraderie among the young men.

Advanced Men's Coaching

Ages 15 and Up

For pre-professional male dancers wanting to take their training to the next level. Male coaches include Alex Pandiscio, Linnar Looris, and Firat Ozsoy. Available by appointment only.

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