Dress Code

For Childrens Program and Pre-Professional Progam

Dress code is an essential component of ballet’s two-hundred year old discipline. In addition to teaching preparedness, the ballet uniform keeps the classroom focused and improves the instructor’s ability to assess and correct placement, thereby helping your child dance safely. ALL students are required to adhere to the dress code for their level. Students not in dress code will be asked to sit and watch class.

All dance attire and footwear must be of right size and kept in good repair.  Dancewear and footwear that fit improperly can distract the student from fully participating in class.

Please put your child’s name in all dance wear and footwear. Bayou City Ballet School and its staff are not responsible for belongings left in studios, dressing area, restrooms or any common spaces. 

Ladies' Uniform:

Level: COLOR (Brand/Style#)

  • Joy of Dance & Pre-Ballet: PINK (Bloch CL5602 MF/CL5402 CT ● Eurotard 44475c MF)

  • Primary 1 & 2: LIGHT BLUE (Bloch CL5602 MF/CL5402 CT ● Eurotard 44475c MF)

  • Foundations 1 & 2: BURGUNDY (Bloch CL5605/L5605 ● Eurotard 4489c/4402)

  • Intermediate 1 & 2: LAVENDER (Bloch CL5605/L5605 ● Eurotard 4489c/4402)

  • Advanced: NAVY (Bloch CL5605/L5605 ● Eurotard 4489c/4402)

Tights and Ballet Shoes for Ladies should be Ballet Pink*.

-Full Sole Leather ballet shoes preferred up through Foundations Levels

-Footed or Convertible Tights only; must cover the entire ankle and foot.

*In consultation with the Director, some students may choose to wear a tight/shoe color that more accurately honors their natural skin tone  (e.g. ballet brown, bronze, tan, etc.).

*For modern/contemporary: ladies should wear black footless tights over their leotards


  • Hair must be in a neat bun at the crown of the head (see video above). Females with short hair must keep their hair neat, secure and away from the face.

Miscellaneous ​

  • No jewelry of any kind, except small stud earrings.

  • Only pale pink or clear nail polish permitted in class.

  • Undergarments are not worn under tights for ladies.

Men’s Uniform:

  • White Stretch Crew Neck T-shirt (any brand, no logos)

  • Black Footed or Convertible Tights; must cover the entire ankle and foot.

  • Dance Belt: Thong or Full seat; worn underneath tights

  • White Socks: Preferred Style HUE 7693 Tender Top Sock (any brand, no logos)

  • White Ballet Shoes: Full Sole Leather preferred up through Foundations Levels


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