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Contemporary Class with Lindsay Cortner

Contemporary Class with Lindsay Cortner

Come dance with us on Sunday August 25th for a phenomenal contemporary class with Lindsay Cortner!

Lindsay Cortner began her classical dance training under Beth Gulledge Brown and Carolyn Gulledge as a teenager, and joined Uptown Dance Centre’s pre-professional company shortly thereafter, with whom she had the opportunity to travel to China, Austria, Mexico, and Costa Rica to perform. After graduating, she moved to New York to train at The Ailey School under Ana Marie Forsythe and Milton Myers, among others, and performed choreography by Sidra Bell. When Lindsay moved back to Houston, she became a founding member of Uptown Dance Company and danced in several projects with Sandra Organ Dance Company. Over the last few years, she has transitioned into freelance dance, and has performed with Transitory Sound and Movement Collective, Psophonia, Frame Dance Productions, Pilot Dance Project, and Juxtapose Arts Collective, as well as working with independent choreographers such as Rebecca French, Jennifer Mabus, Ashley Horn Nott, and Lynsey Peisinger.

For the last twelve years, Lindsay has also taught multiple dance disciplines. She believes that her own dance training never finishes. To strengthen her teaching and performing alike, she attends adult intensives every year. Most recently, she attended b12 in Berlin, dancing in workshops with Shannon Gillen and Maxine Doyle, the New Dialect Winter Intensive, where she studied with Sidra Bell and Joy Davis, and OBOC in Montreal, where she learned more about Countertechnique under Joy Davis and Richard Cilli.

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