Pre-Professional Program

Starting at the Foundations level (minimum age 8), we place students in classes based on ability and physical maturity rather than age. An audition or private assessment is required. The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure students receive complete training that will support a desire to pursue a college dance program or a professional dance career down the road. Performance opportunities include the Nutcracker and Spring Showcase. Advanced students may participate in approved ballet competitions and festivals.


Foundations I & II

2-3 days per week

Foundations I & II is generally a two-year program that lays the groundwork for the material covered in all other levels. During the first year, students work to perfect the essential elements of their technique, focusing on form, musicality, and expression. The second year accelerates as students add a third day of training. They begin the study of turns and ladies prepare for pointework with conditioning exercises specifically designed to strengthen and prevent injury.

Intermediate I & II

3-4 days per week

Placement in Intermediate requires students to have completed Foundations II, or pass an equivalency assessment. Intermediate I is the start of pointe classes for ladies and men's technique classes for gentlemen. Students also begin a more thorough and advanced study of adage and allegro movements, working to build strength and stamina.


5-6 days per week

Classes at the Advanced Level prepare students for a professional training program. In addition to more rigorous training classes, these dancers get to learn works from the classical repertoire and add in the study of contemporary movement and improvisation through a weekly modern class. Enrollment requires the approval of the director, obtained either through a placement class or year-end assessment.

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