Spring Showcase
Postponed Until
September 20, 2020

Student Recital


WHAT: Spring Showcase

WHEN: September 20, 2020

WHERE: MATCH (3400 Main St, Houston, TX 77002)

TICKETS: Tickets will be sold through the MATCH Box Office. We will notify you and provide a link here when they go on sale.

Costume, Hair, and Makeup Requirements

ALL performers are in two pieces, one of which uses the school uniform, the second they wear a performance costume. 

We provide: the costumes, headpieces, and class demonstration skirts.

You provide: the class uniform, performance tights, & shoes.

Performers must have the approved class uniform. Refer to our school uniform policy for the exact style/color if you have not yet acquired one.

Uniforms are available for purchase by online retailers such as discountdance.com. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Mr. Pandiscio.

Approved performance tights and shoes are required. This helps to create uniformity among the performers on stage. You must purchase these items through our online store with curtaincall.com. Follow the link (found at the bottom of this page) and select your child’s class level in order to find the approved performance tights and shoes.

**Note - ladies in Foundations and Intermediate must also obtain a “nude” leotard. The nude leotards act as undergarments, and are meant to be worn underneath the class uniforms and costumes.This is to make costume changes easier. 

These can also be found on the online store. (Link at bottom of this page)

For gentlemen, Mr. Pandiscio will discuss with you and email a link for gentlemen’s approved grey tights, white socks, ballet shoes, and white fitted t-shirts. 

We will have a costume/hair check during parent observation week on April 20- 25. Please have all required items and bring them to your parent observation class. We will use this time to inspect uniforms, clarify hair expectations, as well as answer any questions.


Ladies: Hair is to be worn in a classical bun at the crown of the head. Hair must be slicked back and hair sprayed into place. NO FLY AWAYS. Please refer to the ballet bun tutorial posted below for guidance.

Makeup is required to keep performers from looking washed out under the stage lights. Highlight features of the eyes, cheek bones, and lips. To keep the makeup looking age appropriate, we recommend using the following: blush, mascara, a light brown eye shadow, and a slightly darker than skin tone lipstick or lip liner. A subtle foundation or translucent powder can be used to remove shine as needed. Refrain from using body glitter! 

Boys: Hair must be neatly styled out of the face. Light makeup should include eye liner, blush, and lipstick.

Order required dance wear via link below: