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Joy of Dance

Ages 4-5

At this age, classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. Taught by highly experienced dance professionals we offer your child a warm and loving space to explore, learn, and enjoy movement while developing a lifelong love of dance.



Ages 5-6

Pre-Ballet classes meet once per week for 1 hour. This level fosters a love of ballet through imaginative classes built around age-appropriate material. Students learn to express music through dance, make beautiful shapes with their body, and move throughout space in a variety of ways.


Primary I & II

Ages 6-8

Beginning at age 6, Primary classes last 1 hour and meet twice a week. The syllabus focuses on musicality, coordination, classroom etiquette, and proper French ballet terminology.


Foundations I & II

3 days per week

Foundations I & II is generally a two-year program that lays the groundwork for the material covered in the pre-professional levels. Students work to perfect the essential elements of their technique, focusing on form, musicality, and expression. The second year accelerates as students begin the study of turns and ladies prepare for pointework with conditioning exercises specifically designed to strengthen and prevent injury.

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Level A and Level B

4-5 days per week

Placement in Level A requires students to have completed Foundations or pass an equivalency assessment. Level B is the start of pointe classes for ladies and men's technique classes for gentlemen. Students also begin a more thorough and advanced study of adage and allegro movements, working to build strength and stamina.

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Level C and Level D

5-6 days per week

Classes in Levels C and D prepare students for a professional program. In addition to more rigorous training classes, these dancers learn works from the classical repertoire and add in the study of contemporary movement and improvisation through a weekly modern class, as well as a conditioning and stretch/strength class. Enrollment requires the approval of the director, obtained either through a placement class or year-end assessment.

Level D follows a daytime schedule, allowing for supplemental training and coaching offered through the BCB Youth Company's Daytime Training Program


Adult Intro to Ballet

No experience needed! 8-week or 9-week sessions

Led by Bayou City Ballet School Founder/Director Alex Pandiscio, this series introduces adult learners to the basics of ballet starting from zero. Mr. Pandiscio developed and taught this class many times at the Houston Ballet Academy since 2016. The course gives participants the essential information and tools necessary to begin a lifelong journey as a student of ballet free of injury.


Boys Ballet

Ages 10 -14

A ballet class just for boys, taught by male faculty. These classes work on the technical elements specific to the male dancer, such as multiple pirouettes and tours en l'air, as well as building core and upper body strength. The all-male class setting helps build confidence and a sense of camaraderie among the young men.


Private Lessons

Private lessons and coaching are available by appointment. To schedule, please contact the office at 713-280-3646 or


Semi-private lessons are also available. The lesson fee is then split equally among two dancers.


We require 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson.

If you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will still be responsible for full fee.

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